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Sanpellegrino Mineral Water Food Pairing Panettone


A perfect pairing #9 Panettone and Recioto passito

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One of the unique feature of Italian cuisine is without doubt the variety of dishes it offers: for any course in the meal, there are endless possible versions, food pairings and even traditional sweets and desserts lend themselves to classical interpretations or recipes that satisfy the discerning palates of the most creative foodies.

During the Christmas festivities one of the most traditional protagonists on Italian menus is panettone: a kind of leavened loaf-shaped cake that comes from Lombardy in north Italy but is widely consumed throughout the peninsula. 
The traditional recipe of this sweet, in its artisanal version, is subject to a strict set of production norms which require the addition of sultanas, orange and citron zest to a mixture prepared with mother dough and aromatized with vanilla.  

To enhance the fragrance of traditional panettone, an ideal pairing would be Recioto della Valpolicella, a passito wine made from dried grapes which has a beautiful, intense ruby red colour and is characterized by subtle aromas with notes of ripe red berry fruit and dried flowers, as well as pleasant spicy notes and a sweet, very smooth flavour.

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