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Sanpellegrino Bagnacauda


A perfect pairing #7

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Bagna Cauda is a warm sauce made from garlic, oil and anchovies in which to dip raw and cooked vegetables. Special dishes are used to serve it, often standing over a candle to keep the Bagna Cauda constantly warm. It is a typical dish of Piedmont, a region in north west Italy known for its delicious cuisine and exquisite wines

Barbera d’Alba D.O.C. is a famous wine, produced from an autochthonous varietal characterized by a ruby red colour and purplish reflections.  It has an austere bouquet with scents of red fruit, raspberry and plum, which closes on delicate spicy notes. With a taste of intense freshness, its body is rather soft and well balanced. It enhances any dish that has a pronounced juiciness and any sauce. It facilitates the appreciation of aromatic notes or oiliness in the dishes it accompanies.

Don’t miss the pairing of these flavours with the intense mineral aromas and well balanced structure of  S.Pellegrino Mineral Water.

Discover other Italian food pairings with S.Pellegrino Italian mineral water:

- Orecchiette with rocket and fresh tomato
- Potato and herb souffle
- Pasta with sardines
- Roast Pheasant with mushrooms
- Ricotta and spinach cannelloni
- Mixed boiled meat
- Fried Fish

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