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A place to go back to

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There are places in which we are sure to find the same emotions we associate with some special moment and the flavor of a particular dish.

No detail is too insignificant: a table will be more welcoming if effectively lit, a picture will recount much more if we are immersed in silence.  

This is no novelty, of course, to the architects and interior decorators who design retail stores, museums and, naturally, restaurants. Neither was it far from the mind of Kisho Kurokawa when he designed the National Art Center in Tokyo. Here, in an environment illuminated by an immense floor to ceiling window and suspended between the exterior and interior spaces of the Museum, stand two bars, a restaurant and a bookshop which lead the visitor to a place beyond time.
A place that whizzes us away from our everyday routine to live an emotional experience that is ever new, ever different.