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S.Pellegrino: what our water brings to the table

Destined for the best tables in over 120 countries around the world, our sparkling natural mineral water flows from a single source in the Italian Alps. Discover the origin of S.Pellegrino, and how they shape the unmistakable taste and perfect pairing properties it brings to the table.

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A unique single source in the Italian Alps

The quality of a mineral water depends on the site of its source and the nature of the deep layer of porous rock through which the water slowly flows on its way to the spring. Just like wine, every natural mineral water has its own distinctive terroir, a French term meaning the unique environment that determines its signature mineral content. 
S.Pellegrino is a fine quality natural mineral water that flows from a natural spring in the San Pellegrino Terme area in Val Brembana, nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps.


A 30-year journey through the earth

Flowing from the snow and the rain that infiltrate in the high Dolomite Mountains (1200-1300 meters above sea level), the water takes at least 30 years to travel through the earth before finally arriving at San Pellegrino Terme (at 350 meters ASL). Along this journey, the water absorbs naturally occuring minerals from the earth.
The addition of carbon dioxide provides acidity and prolongs the now sparkling water’s sensation of scent and taste, finishing with a slightly bitter note, which has made it famous and unmistakable throughout the world.

Sp Origins 30 years through the rocks

Sparkling on the world's finest tables

S.Pellegrino is the jewel of sparkling natural mineral waters, thanks to its signature gentle bubbles, subtle nuances and perfect mineral balance.
It is these distinctive traits that make S.Pellegrino natural mineral water ideal for pairing with food, leading to its popularity with chefs and sommeliers and its fame as the fine dining water served in some of the best restaurants around the world.


Fresh and effervescent taste, perfect for pairing

Water tasting is a fine art, and to do it properly means using all of the senses, from visual analysis to olfactory and gustative assessment.

Choosing the right mineral water to accompany a meal can intensify the enjoyment of the overall dining experience, complementing food and wine and enhancing the traits of both.

S.Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water enjoys international renown for its unique properties. To taste it at its best, it should be served at a temperature of 46-50°F. Ideally, the glass should have a narrow rim, to control the flow of liquid onto the taste buds to truly experience its unique properties.

S.Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water