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The Display


The display

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A dress, a necklace and a small table. Three simple elements that become special when set in a special scenery. We are in Venice and this is a boutique. Here, the buildings have two entrances, one by the alley for pedestrian access and the other on the canal.

And once upon a time, it was customary for Venetians to move around using their own boat, to run errands or to visit their friends: they would dock by their entrance the same way we park our cars today. And for those who live in Venice nowadays, the customs haven’t changed. For visitors, instead, there are steamboats, motorboat taxis or gondolas to move around.

However, for those who know how to look for beauty beyond the monuments marked by their guidebook, every angle of the city knows how to restore moments of authentic beauty. Just like this beautiful little shop window raised above water.