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Outdoors With Grass


Outdoors, by chance and by choice

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Being outdoors is one of the great pleasures of summer. Feeling the sunshine and breeze on your skin, noticing when the light changes intensity and colour, sniffing the fragrances released by the heat…. As life moves outdoors, we suddenly realise that we are part of the world.

A smiling blonde woman doing gardening and a man in a blurred background

After months spent cooped up in homes and offices, we spontaneously seek out contact with nature, and whether that is in a private garden or public park matters little. Being amazed at the perfection of a flower that was not there the day before is among the pleasures of the private conversation that is created between a garden and the person who takes care of it every day. But a park may hold other surprises: a kid doing acrobatics, or a band that suddenly begins to play.

Outdoors 3

Even eating outdoors is different. The form is less important, the menu can be exempted from the rules and, as time slows down, conversation, light and sound meld into one. Sharing the pleasure of this moment with others in touch with the air and the world can be a truly special experience.

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