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Sanpellegrino Cannes Film Festival


Discover The S.Pellegrino Taste Experience in Cannes

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Lights on! S.Pellegrino, the world’s leading ambassador of Italian style, in the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival is going to launch its first ever S.Pellegrino Taste Experience, that will take place from May 20 to 22.

VIP guests and bloggers from everywhere in Europe will take part in a weekend-long program of activities involving fine dining, cinema and taste. The event will start on Friday, May 20 with a special “Two Italians in Paris” dinner at La Plage Nespresso, prepared by Italian chefs Simone Tondo and Giovanni Passerini. The evening will see a presentation by S.Pellegrino to introduce its new Itineraries of Taste global initiative and its unique Cannes Taste Guide, which guests will use to discover the town on Saturday. Other activities include a cocktail event on the Kerring Terrace of the Majestic Hotel and the Cannes red carpet Montée des Marches on the evening of the 21st.

A new content hub for food and travel enthusiasts

S.Pellegrino, with Itineraries of Taste, wants to communicate its “taste for experiences”: those special moments that add value to our lives. Itineraries of Taste is a new content hub S.Pellegrino is developing worldwide, designed for food and travel enthusiasts and those who always value quality life experiences.

The unique platform gives users the  opportunity to explore and experience the world through flavors andtaste”, discovering new cities and culinary traditions. The website also encourages interaction between connoisseurs of the pleasures of food and life from around the world, enabling them to explore all the nuances of taste through exclusive stories, ingredients and insights.

Join the experience using the hashtag #SPTaste, and be part of the S.Pellegrino unique world!