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With the Cannes Taste Guide the influencers tried the best food and experience of Cannes


Our unique S.Pellegrino Taste Experience in Cannes

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There are no words to describe the delightful days spent in occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, from May 20 to 21. S.Pellegrino, the world’s leading ambassador of Italian style, was once again one of the brightest stars on the red carpet, supporting the legendary Festival of the sunny and charming Croisette, that saw some of the best movies of all times reach their highest success.

S.Pellegrino invited 20 influencers to live all together the first ever S.Pellegrino Taste Experience

In this special occasion, S.Pellegrino invited 20 influencers from all over Europe to fly over to the French Riviera and live all together the excitement of the Cannes Film Festival, enjoying the first ever S.Pellegrino Taste Experience.

S.Pellegrino Taste Experience took place in French Riviera during the Cannes FIlm Festival

VIP guests, bloggers, photographers and journalists from everywhere in Europe enjoyed a weekend-long program of activities that included the best of fine dining, cinema and taste.

On Friday, May 20, with bags packed and ready for the red carpet, they flew with destination Cannes. Waiting for them, there was the exclusive “Two Italians in Paris” dinner at La Plage Nespresso, prepared by Italian chefs Simone Tondo and Giovanni Passerini. The charm of cinema, music, a great company, the sparkles of S.Pellegrino and incredible dishes have been center stage of the pleasant dinner party. 

Some moments of the exclusive “Two Italians in Paris” dinner at La Plage Nespresso

S.Pellegrino also introduced its brand new Itineraries of Taste global initiative and its unique Cannes Taste Guide, created exclusively for this occasion, so that guests could use its tips the day after to discover the must-sees of Cannes, a very surprising and beautiful town!

The Italian chefs Simone Tondo and Giovanni Passerini prepared their signature dishes for the exclusive dinner

S.Pellegrino, with Itineraries of Taste, wants to communicate its “taste for experiences”: those special moments that add value to our lives. With the little book influencers could try the best food and experiences, the finest for travel and taste lovers.

The influencers discovered all the best of Cannes with their Taste Guide

On Saturday, the influencers woke up in the mood for exploring. They discovered all the best of Cannes with their Taste Guide, unveiling enchanting corners and inviting places where to spend their time and get some good inspiration. After the walk, during the evening they attended a special cocktail event on the Kerring Terrace of the Majestic Hotel and they walked on the breath-taking Cannes red carpet Montée des Marches. Influencers also enjoyed mind-blowing experiences all infused by the magic of the Film Festival, like living the movie experience on the evening, directly on the beach.

Some influencers during the visit at the breath-taking Cannes red carpet Montée des Marches

Our guests were very enthusiastic and you can see all their experience in Cannes with the hashtag #SPTaste. Keep following us and join our exclusive Taste Experiences!

Photo credits: Susan Renner-EgglestonValeria Mella, Francesca Barberini, Franziska Albrecht, Julie Zwingelstein, Florine Duif.