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Promoting meaningful creativity





At Sanpellegrino we are dedicated to promoting meaningful creativity in the communities close to us, by nurturing the talents in our world. That’s why we want to nourish gastronomy’s future, by promoting responsibility and inclusivity in fine food and drinking culture. It’s the reason why we champion the creativity of emerging young chefs and talented mixologists all around the world. It’s why we engage with creative designers and artistic collectives to celebrate our products and highlight their unmistakable features. It’s why we actively support restaurants, whose culinary creations inspire us. And it’s the philosophy behind the new S.Pellegrino Factory of the Future, designed to enhance the wellbeing of the community.

Nurturing the future of gastronomy

At Sanpellegrino, we champion the people who hold the future of taste in their hands, including the global gastronomy community. That's why we created the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition and, more recently, the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy

We stand side by side with chefs, demonstrating our solidarity through initiatives like the #SupportRestaurants movement in 2020, a tangible plan to provide relief in challenging times and help shape the future of the sector together. 

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Nourishing the ingredients of creativity

When it comes to adding value to the ingredients we use in our products to deliver top drinking experiences, meaningful creativity is our guide. It's what leads us to inspire the creative flair of mixologists. It is what drives us when we support emerging talents, like IED students in Milan, to interpret our ingredients and terroir in imaginative and original ways, and what moves us to promote creative collaborations with local artists to celebrate the unmistakable taste of Sanpellegrino. 


Delivering the benefits of an open factory

Our new Factory of the Future at the S.Pellegrino source in Val Brembana will give tangible form to the benefits of meaningful creativity. Designed by the award-winning Bjarke Ingels Group, it embraces the concept of Hedonistic Sustainability: sustainable architecture that increases wellbeing and pleasure for society.