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Italian Street Food

  • Zesty Food
Pasta Frittata Recipe

Pasta frittata

In this pasta frittata recipe, soft spaghetti pasta combines with creamy, cheesy eggs, crunchy bits of bacon which are then cooked together until crispy all over.
Pani Ca Meusa

Pani ca meusa

With its strong, rich flavours, this Sicilian spleen sandwich is not for the fainthearted, but once you get a taste of it, you will undoubtedly crave for more.
Muffuletta Sandwich

Muffuletta Sandwich

Find out how to make both the New Orleans and Sicilian version of the muffuletta sandwich, and discover the fascinating story behind this popular treat!
Venetian Cicchetti

Venetian cicchetti

Cicchetti are served in Venetian bars called bacari, this local speciality consists of tempting rows of bite-size sandwiches, fried seafood and marinated vegetables.
Sfincione, Sicilian Pizza Squares

Sicilian pizza (Sfincione)

This Sicilian pizza is a generous, spongy, focaccia-like crust topped with a tomato sauce that’s enriched with strong cheese, anchovies, onions and oregano.
Fried Ravioli Recipe

Fried ravioli

Bite-sized and filled with smoky cheese, fried ravioli with ricotta, mushrooms and Provola cheese make for a great snack for a party or an aperitivo with friends.
Tigelle On A Plate With Cold Cuts

Tigelle with cold cuts

Perfect as an accompaniment to cured sausages and cold cuts of all kinds, this soft, flavoursome bread appears in all sorts of tasty, rustic Italian starters.


Supplì are crunchy little balls of rice with a bit of soft mozzarella inside. A finger food that is not widely known but is appreciated by all who have tasted it!