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Italian Stromboli Recipe

Italian Stromboli

Stromboli is like the rolled-up cousin of pizza – it's easy to eat with your hands and makes for a great shared appetizer. Plus, one recipe can feed a crowd!
Venetian Cicchetti

Venetian cicchetti

Cicchetti are served in Venetian bars called bacari, this local speciality consists of tempting rows of bite-size sandwiches, fried seafood and marinated vegetables.
Tigelle On A Plate With Cold Cuts

Tigelle with cold cuts

Perfect as an accompaniment to cured sausages and cold cuts of all kinds, this soft, flavoursome bread appears in all sorts of tasty, rustic Italian starters.


Supplì are crunchy little balls of rice with a bit of soft mozzarella inside. A finger food that is not widely known but is appreciated by all who have tasted it!
Pizza With Mortadella

Pizza with mortadella

A simple combination, consisting of typically Italian aromas and an unmistakable flavour that is quite tantalizing. Pizza with mortadella is a timeless classic.


This traditional Italian recipe is easy to prepare but very effective: just serve fresh vegetables dipped in a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Piadina From Romagna


Our grilled chicken and cheese piadina is the perfect recipe for a light lunch or dinner. Cut it up into smaller wedges and it will be ideal for a party!


The arrival of these unassuming yet very moreish little balls of dough at the local bakeries often marks the beginning of the festive season in Southern Italy.