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Cocktail Hour

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tigella bread rolls with cold cuts

Tigelle with cold cuts

Perfect as an accompaniment to cured sausages and cold cuts of all kinds, this soft, flavorsome bread appears in all sorts of tasty, rustic Italian starters.
Pizza with mortadella recipe

Pizza with mortadella

A simple combination, consisting of typically Italian aromas and an unmistakable flavor that is quite tantalizing. Pizza with mortadella is a timeless classic.
bowl of raw, cut vegetables with olive oil and salt for dipping


This traditional Italian recipe is easy to prepare but very effective: just serve fresh vegetables dipped in a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
piadina wrap with prosciutto, squacquerone cheese and arugula


Our grilled chicken and cheese piadina is the perfect recipe for a light lunch or dinner. Cut it up into smaller wedges and it will be ideal for a party!