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S.Pellegrino, enhance your fine dining experience

Enhance your fine dining experience

S.Pellegrino has been an icon of Italian style since 1899. With its gentle bubbles and subtle nuances, it enhances your convivial fine food occasions and elevates your special moments, for a life of quality and taste. On every table, with every kind of cuisine, with new friends or old… wherever you find the star on the cap, you’ll find a moment of great taste waiting to be enjoyed.

Enhance your moments

Let the unique taste of S.Pellegrino guide you through amazing experiences in taste, as you enjoy the latest S.Pellegrino communication campaign.

S.Pellegrino, the Italian sparkling water for fine dining experience

S.Pellegrino advertising campaigns

S.Pellegrino has always sought to communicate authentic Italian values in its advertising. Take a look at some famous campaigns from the past.

S.Pellegrino adv campaign: Italian Inspiration with Pierfrancesco Favino