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Summer Party


Summer party

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What turns a gathering of a few people into an actual party? Perhaps a shared rhythm, a sense of belonging and enjoying the moment then and there, whether the group is made of a few people or more. 

Organizing a party, especially outdoors, is easier in the summer. Sometimes, the only requirement is good music, and the rest follows. People come by, feel the mood, and join if they feel like it. These parties are spontaneous, unplanned, with no starting and no ending time. 

A party with some pending lights and people enjoying the sunset

Then there are organized parties, created out of a series of well-planned elements: a defined venue, invited guests, often with a special theme that triggers the curiosity of those who attend. And in the future the guests will recall it by asking: “Were you also there?” 


Sometimes a simple gathering can turn into a party, with friends or with family. A meeting at the park or in your own backyard can turn into something more: with well-known glares, familiar words, and exchanged smiles.


And whether the party happens during the day or at night, the atmosphere helps a lot: a few tree lanterns can change the whole space. But what really makes a party are the people gathered during a single moment that might be forgotten the next day or well-remembered for years to come.