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30 Years In A Glass Of Water


30 years in a glass of water

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The S.Pellegrino mineral water voyage begins in the Val Brembana Mountains, at 1300 mt slm. It’s a long 30-year journey where the water receives the characteristics and taste that make it a unique product.

The rain and the water from melting snow penetrate hundreds of meters underground until they encounter chalk deposits. From that point on, the water runs more slowly and horizontally; the mineralization process that characterizes S.Pellegrino start through the contact with rocks.

Then, the water slowly reaches a depth of 500 mt under sea level and encounters a layer of impervious clay deposit, which forces it to come back up to the surface and reach the San Pellegrino Terme source at 358 mt slm.

During this slow process the water is always isolated and protected from the outside environment. It acquires a stable mineralogical formula that is not modified with seasonality or the outside environment.

From the moment the water pours from the source, Sanpellegrino attends it and subjects it to constant inspections, from the bottling process to the dining table.  
To keep the S.Pellegrino Mineral Water unaltered until the final consumption, and to appreciate the best of its characteristics, there are three simple rules to remember: 

1. The bottles should be kept in a fresh and ventilated environment, away from sunlight and substances that could alter the taste of the water;

2. A couple of hours before opening the bottle, keep the water refrigerated at 8-10°C, the right temperature to appreciate it best;

3. Use a glass with a large base and a narrow edge so that the bubbles don’t get dispersed. And do not add ice or lemon as it would alter the taste.