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S.Pellegrino Partner Locarno Film Festival 2019


S.Pellegrino at Locarno Film Festival 2019

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S.Pellegrino presented a special dinner on the opening night of the Locarno Festival 2019. As official partner of the film festival, the event celebrated a particularly exceptional year for S.Pellegrino, it’s 120 Year Anniversary, while reaffirming the brand’s passion and support for the prestigious festival.

The dinner, held on August 7, took place at the Piazza Grande Ristorante by S.Pellegrino at the eponymous main piazza. It featured special guests from S.Pellegrino, influencer-actress Zoe Pastelle and S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 Winner for Switzerland, chef Dave Wälti, who also crafted the menu for the evening.


Guests were for a gastronomical treat as they sat down at the heart of the prestigious festival, at the Piazza Grande that has historically gathered up to 8,000 spectators for the evening screenings of world, international and Swiss films.

The menu for the special dinner by S.Pellegrino by chef Dave Wälti consisted of three courses that celebrated the flavours of the world. It was carefully curated to reflect the spirit of the historical film festival as well as the 120 year journey of S.Pellegrino.


Appetiser: Modern Polenta with Kohlrabi. A Creamy, fresh and light Bramata-herb polenta (green) with fresh corn & Kohlrabi leafs and Kohlrabi "star" pickle (red marinated).

Main: Pork belly with eggplant & tomato or Fusion between south America and Asia. An asian-inspired porkbelly, cooked sous vide then pan roasted and served with compressed tomato, miso-chili-eggplant with amaranth and onion crumble.

Dessert: Chocolate Diamond filled with light chocolate mousse, vinegar-pear jam, dulce de leche and a biscuit with lime juice. The diamond shape symbolised the 120 Year Anniversary of S.Pellegrino, the sparkling jewel that is also seen in this year’s special 120 Year Anniversary Diamond Limited Edition bottle.


This year, S.Pellegrino also presented a Special Edition bottle in PET that featured the colours of the Festival and the Pardo, the official symbol of the Locarno Festival. In parallel, a contest was organized where 10 consumers could take part to the extraordinary experience of the opening night of the festival.


One of the longest running film festivals in the world, the Locarno Festival this year is held between August 7-17 in the Swiss-Italian town of Locarno, Switzerland. It is seen as one of the most important platforms for art house cinema, and a rich program awaits cinema fans this year.

Emerging talents rub shoulders with prestigious guests for dozens of awards, a stellar line-up of films, as well as the annual tradition of the evening screenings in the Piazza Grande.

This year, the celebrated French filmmaker Catherine Breillat is president of the jury, leading an international jury panel that includes big names in the film industry such as Ilse Hughan (The Netherlands), Italian cinema critic and journalist Emiliano Morreale and actor Nahuel Pérez Biscayart (Argentina).

Filmmakers from all over the world will be competing to win the highly coveted prize of Pardo d’Oro, the Festival Grand Prize of the City of Locarno for the best film in the Concorso Internazionale. It was won last year by “A Land Imagined” by Singaporean director YEO Siew Hua.

S.Pellegrino has for a long time been connected with the big screen, being the preferred choice for international productions and film industry collaborations. The brand’s support for the film industry runs deep, as reflected by its long-standing partnerships with Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, and more recently the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the current Locarno Festival.

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