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Smiling Girl At The James Beard Foundation


S.Pellegrino donates to James Beard Foundation to #SupportRestaurants

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S.Pellegrino is helping the global restaurant industry survive and relaunch itself, providing tangible support in these challenging times through a variety of initiatives under the #SupportRestaurants banner.

In this context, S.Pellegrino is proud to be a Founding Donor of the James Beard Foundation's Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund, having made a significant donation to the fund.

Launched on March 30, the initiative was so successful that it had already reached its fund-raising goal by April. Its purpose is to support independent American restaurants with a subsidy of $15,000 each, contributing to the survival of this important industry, which represents 4% of national GDP and employs nearly 16% of the US workforce.

The fund raised a total of 4.7 million dollars, distributing it to recipients across the USA.

This project is part of a broader program of support for the independent restaurant community called Open for Good. Including a further financial support plan called the Open for Good Industry Support Fund, scheduled for the summer, the program provides restaurants with assistance through playbooks, webinars, legal advice and more.

The James Beard Foundation was set up in 1986 in New York City by friends and colleagues of James Beard. The godfather of the modern "foodie" movement, Beard starred in the first TV cooking show in 1946, wrote numerous books and trained generations of American chefs.

The aim of the Foundation is to highlight and promote the centrality of food culture in our daily lives. It does so through a series of activities such as training programs, gastronomic initiatives and above all the James Beard Awards - of which S.Pellegrino is Premier Sponsor - and the James Beard Foundation's Leadership Awards.

For years, S.Pellegrino has stood beside the James Beard Foundation and supported its activities. In their desire to promote fine dining, the two organisations share the same core values, from the recognition of excellence and the nurturing of talent to transparency, respect, sustainability, and the celebration of diversity.

Find out what else S.Pellegrino is doing to help restaurants get through the current crisis and rebuild the industry under the #SupportRestaurants banner. Join the movement and play your part too.