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It S Raining Stars


It's raining stars

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Every year, in the summer, the sky is so loaded with stars that they start to fall... It happens on 10 August - the Night of the Shooting Stars also known as St Lawrence's Night – give or take a day or two.
The air is so terse and the sky is so close, far from the city lights. The starry night is fatal for those who stop to gaze at it: as fascinating as velvet, distant yet all-embracing, it exerts an hypnotic charm that offers a momentary glimpse of eternity.  

This passion for starry skies is shared by many, so much so that a group of enthusiasts has attempted to raise it to the status of a Unesco cultural heritage. Without success.
So they have created a Dark Sky Reserve network of places around the world where the night sky is unpolluted by man-made lighting. Here, you can let go and gaze at the stars: