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Flower Carpets Celebration


Flower carpets

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Millions of colorful flower petals on the ground to form a design: what could spell celebration more than this? In Italy, these flower carpets are called Infiorata (‘covered with flowers’) and they are an ancient tradition, still customary in many villages during the month of June, to celebrate Corpus Domini feast. For the occasion, the streets are embellished with flowers that are then swept away, like scented Mandalas.

In Spello, a beautiful medieval town in Umbria (see photo), the whole town participates in the making of the Infiorata, just likes in Caltagirone in Sicily, or in  Scarperia in Tuscany… And beyond the Italian borders you can find flower carpets in La Ortawa, in the Canary Islands, or in Brussels, where thousands of begonias bloom trhoughout the Grande Place every August.