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Explore the UK & Ireland with S.Pellegrino

Itineraries of Taste UK and Ireland

These island nations have not always been known for fine food but happily in recent years a radical transformation has taken place that has catapulted the nation capitals into world-leading culinary hotspots. Discover the countries’ flavours with S.Pellegrino’s Itineraries of Taste.

Explore the exciting global kitchen that is London with its mind-blowing array of international cuisines and thriving street food scene. Make sure not to miss the modern revival of the country’s food traditions with excellent artisanal food shops, markets and eateries popping up all over the city. While you’re there discover which iconic Beatles song, written in the capital by Paul McCartney, was first called ‘Scrambled Eggs’.

Head north to Edinburgh to taste Scotland’s traditional dishes that are influenced both by a famous poet, the sea and Scandinavia. Discover the burgeoning café scene over the water in Dublin and stop for a cheeky stout and some craic at one of its many pubs.

Learn more about the UK and Ireland’s unique flavours like juniper berries which are linked to witchcraft and the Egyptians. And learn what exactly makes English mustard so hellishly hot.

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