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sanpellegrino glass range

S.Pellegrino Carbonated Natural Mineral Water Glass Bottles

S.Pellegrino’s premium green glass bottle, with its “Vichy” silhouette, boasts an elegant shape. Traditional but timeless, S.Pellegrino’s premium water glass bottles are used in the best restaurants, hotels and café around the world.

S.Pellegrino 250ml Water Glass Bottle

The 250ml water glass bottle brings the stylish taste of S.Pellegrino water to your table. It's the ideal size to accompany a small meal, and it's also perfect for parties.

S.Pellegrino 750ml Water Glass Bottle

The perfect size for sharing at the table with a delicious meal, the 750ml S.Pellegrino water glass bottle is ideal for a relaxing family meal or an elegant lunch with friends.