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S.Pellegrino Carbonated Natural Mineral Water PET Bottles and Sleek Cans

S.Pellegrino recyclable PET plastic bottles and sleek cans are designed to be enjoyed at home and on the go, perfect to refresh you and bring a little sparkle to your day, anywhere you go. They're perfect for turning any fine food moment – from an al fresco picnic to a gathering on the beach – into a special occasion.

S.Pellegrino 500ml PET Bottle

With its lightweight packaging, the half-litre plastic bottle is perfect for lunch or a quick meal on the go, bringing a touch of Italian elegance to your day.

S.Pellegrino 1 litre PET Bottle

The ideal size for sharing with friends over a delicious meal, the 1 litre water bottle offers you the perfect balance and unique taste of S.Pellegrino wherever you go.

S.Pellegrino 330ml Sleek Can

Whether you're dining with the family or a group of friends, this 330 ml can of S.Pellegrino mineral water is the perfect on the go accompaniment to your meal.