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Protecting the source of taste

The Earth is the ultimate source of taste and we are strongly committed to safeguarding its precious gifts. We are dedicated to protecting the source of taste by looking after our territories, managing our resources sustainably and respecting our environment, with the goal of all our packaging being environmentally friendly (recyclable or reusable) by 2025. That is why in our plants we pursue the efficient and sustainable management of water and other resources.


Respecting the waters and the ingredients

Our dedication to protecting the gifts of nature.


Our unique Italian source

S.Pellegrino natural mineral water emerges from sources in the Italian Alps. It is bottled directly at the source as required by law. We carry out 600 quality tests every day, to ensure S.Pellegrino water always reaches your table with the same unmistakable taste.

Selecting the finest fruits

The ingredients used in our Italian Sparkling Drinks are selected with extreme care, to offer a range of refined taste experiences with only the finest fruits, herbs and spices. Our drinks are produced exclusively in Italy, and all the sun-ripened oranges, lemons and chinotto we use are grown in Sicily and Calabria. Pruning and harvesting are carried out by hand using traditional methods, to safeguard the health of the plant and the quality of the product.


Protecting the territory

Nourishing the future begins at our source and on our fruit farms.

protecting the territory frutteto
protecting the territory frutteto

Preserving our terroir

S.Pellegrino mineral water emerges from its spring at the foot of the Italian Alps, an area well-known for its water since the Middle Ages. During its 30-year journey through the rock to get there, the water acquires the perfectly balanced mineral content that provides our water with its unique taste. To safeguard this unmistakable taste, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the source and its territory.

Caring for our farms

Caring about the ingredients used in our Italian Sparkling Drinks starts with paying the utmost attention to their provenance, and working closely with the farms where the fruit is grown. Over the years, we have established long-lasting strong relationships with our suppliers. Our experts visit all of them several times a month to guarantee the highest standards and ensure that every drop of every drink is full of the natural goodness that makes the Sanpellegrino taste truly unmistakable.


Using resources sustainably

Our commitment to preserving nature’s perfect balance.

Working towards zero waste

All our production and bottling processes are aimed at minimising the environmental impact of our activity on a "zero waste" basis. Between 2019 and 2021, the Sanpellegrino Group saved 201 million litres of water through efficiency improvements, and most of our fruit plantations use a drip irrigation system to minimise waste. We have achieved a reduction in emissions from production processes of circa 47% since 2010 thanks to various energy efficiency initiatives, and since 2011, 100% of our purchased electricity has come from renewable energy sources.


Certifying the highest standards

We care about carrying out all of our operations in a sustainable way.

And it's why we are proud of our certification with the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) - the global standard for sustainable management of water resources - a benchmark for continuously improving the way we look after the natural resources that are so precious to us. 


Preserving purity with sustainable packaging

We are committed to protecting our mineral water, always taking into consideration innovation and sustainability in our packaging. Our product portfolio features a variety of different packaging materials, favouring recyclable materials such as plastic PET, glass and aluminium. What's more, Sanpellegrino is committed to using 50% recycled PET (rPET) material by 2025.


Taking care of production & distribution

Our culture of care from the source to the best fine dining tables.

Building a plant at one with nature

Sanpellegrino will soon move into an even greener "home". The new Factory of the Future will be created by renovating the existing plant and integrating it even further with its natural surroundings and the local territory. Indeed, Sanpellegrino's commitment to environmental sustainability can be seen in every aspect of this project. 


Leaving a lighter footprint

S.Pellegrino and Italian Sparkling Drinks travel the world, and we constantly seek to minimise the impact of their transportation on the environment. By choosing transport by train and boat wherever possible, optimising transfer of loads and, at the other end, using innovative and eco-friendly means of transport fuelled by Liquified Natural Gas, we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by up to 15% in recent years.