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Galleria S.Pellegrino

The S.Pellegrino “Galleria” opened its doors in the S.Pellegrino Plant at the beginning of April 2014. This is just a preview of the future S.Pellegrino Museum that S.Pellegrino means to build in a two year time.

Discover Galleria S.Pellegrino

The current Galleria is a rich collection of original documents, objects, pictures, sketches, letters that illustrate the brand’s rich history, from 1899 until today.

From now on all the visitors of the Plant can learn about the history of our legendary brand through these wonderful memories.

the future S.Pellegrino Museum

Enjoy the photo gallery and don’t miss the chance to visit it next time you come: the “Galleria” is open exclusively on Thursdays during the months of July and August.


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