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Taste the quality Swiss delicacies

S.Pellegrino Itineraries of Taste

Taste the delicacies of the picturesque small country that is big on flavour and design.

Take to two wheels to explore Europe’s happiest city, Zurich, where the picture perfect setting and urban energy will soon bring a smile to your face. From funky Swiss designers – remember the iconic Frietag bags? – to industrially designed, artisanal food markets where quality, freshness and diversity are always at the heart of the Swiss food mantra, Zurich has a great many things to offer. Refresh with a dip in the emerald waters of the city’s lidos and sink your teeth into the iconic Swiss bratwurst, before jumping aboard a train to Fribourg. 30km south of the capital Bern, the city quite literally bridges two cultures. Meandering waterside paths, cosy cafes and rosti fuse the two sides of this picturesque Swiss haven.

Cheese lovers will know Switzerland as the home of the iconic cheese, Emmenthal. But how did it get its holes and why was cheese fondue adopted as the Swiss national dish? Be sure to stock up on the 14 month–aged powerful premier cru before you leave. Come breakfast timemuesli is never far from the Swiss table, courtesy of a Swiss physician born over 100 years ago. The Swiss were fans of the raw diet well before the rest of Europe, and it’s here you’ll find the best muesli in the world, packed full of toasted nuts, oats, seeds, and honey or syrup.

The healthy Swiss lifestyle caught with other famous Swiss inhabitants too, like the famous theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, who lived a ‘relatively vegetarian life’. Some have attributed his genius to his penchant for vegetables. Despite a love of sausages and tips on how to cook liver, he was a man of simple tastes. His theory (one of many)? “Man was not born to be a carnivore.”

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