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S.Pellegrino round table episode 1: the future

Welcome to the first edition of S.Pellegrino Round Table, a series dedicated to great food and debate, focusing on the key issues in the world of gastronomy today.

S.Pellegrino strongly supports the future of food, and that is why S.Pellegrino Young Chef, the global search for the world’s best young chef, was created. In this first of four episodes wine expert Sheila Flaherty and well-known Canadian chefs Susur Lee (Lee), Cory Vitiello (The Harbord Room) and Matty Matheson (Parts & Labour) discuss how they broke into the business with Chuck Ortiz (editor-in-chief of Acquired Taste magazine).

These experts discuss the industry today, the importance of commitment and what are essential factors in order to be a great cook. Afterwars they visit the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Canada event where the regional will be selected.

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