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S.Pellegrino round table episode 2: Provenance

Welcome to the second edition of S.Pellegrino Round Table, a series dedicated to great food and debate, focusing on the key issues in the world of gastronomy today.

The source of S.Pellegrino’s unmistakable flavour has been the same Italian spring for over a hundred years. And in today’s culinary world the story behind ingredients has never been more important.

In the second of four scheduled episodes, based in Prince Edward County, Ontario, we hear from chefs: Danny St Pierre (Petite Maison), Matt Demille (Drake Devonshire), Grant Van Gameren (Bar Isabel), Connie Desousa (Charcut), Franco Stalteri (Charlie’s burgers).

These top chefs discuss what provenance personally means to them and how they source ingredients accordingly and how to develop strong relationships with suppliers. The team also visit a local vineyard, bakery and fishmonger and explore how whether the 'terroir' or the quality of the raw materials is more important.

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