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Itineraries of Taste

Are you a life explorer? Would you like to discover the taste of the world? If so, be ready for a new great experience: S.Pellegrino brings you to the most beautiful cities of the world and gives you many secrets to live life in good taste.

Itineraries of Taste is your opportunity to explore the world through flavors and taste, discovering new dishes and curiosities one bite at time. Immerse yourself in the heart of VancouverMontreal and many more to come… in each city you’ll enjoy beautiful places, delicacies yet unknown, culture and art secrets to find a new and special way to discover the beauty of the world.

Taste each city 

Enjoy the Taste Guides to discover true delights for the eyes and mind in Canada, where you’ll discover the West Coast-meets-Far East flavours. Did you know that, in Montreal, there is a small patch of land that was first settled by Italian immigrants and where you can find Italian pastry shops? And that Ramen is one of Vancouver’s local obsessions?

Every beautiful city is rich of details that make it unique. You can enjoy the inner beauty of each place discovering The Secrets Of Taste. Did you know what is the truly-loved national dish in Belgium? It’s mussels, served accompanied by thinly sliced chips. Belgium is also one of the largest exporters of quality of chocolate! Did you know that local chocolate makers keep on using only 100% cocoa butter, statement included in the “Belgian Chocolate Code”?

All cities, indeed, have been at the heart of inspiration for iconic people from the literary and art world. Your experience will be extraordinary and fully complete with the Tales from Taste Lovers: special stories that characterise the soul of each place and discover inspiring anecdotes. Did you know that scrambled eggs is the starting point of Paul McCartney during the composition of “Yesterday”, and that Magritte had a special connection with Apples? There’s also a surprising food-link between Paul McCartney, Magritte and Steve Jobs.

Start your Itineraries of Taste now and join the S.Pellegrino Club to get all news about the experiences of the finest taste experts! Share with us your little secrets to live life in good taste… And many secrets will come to your personal Secret Chest. Don’t forget to follow us on our social channels, engage, share and conversate with us and with your friends, to live always life in good taste.


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