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Discover the flavours of Italy

italian food specialties

Italy is a land where living well is seen as an essential right, and so much so that they even have a special name for it. Explore the land of La Dolce Vita with S.Pellegrino’s Itineraries of Taste.

Discover the traditional trattorias of Rome and where you will find both locals and foreigners savouring Italian specialties. Try the local amatriciana which can reduce a Roman (or visitor) to tears with it wonderful rich flavours. Peruse the bustling markets and get a taste for local life in Rome away from the major tourist path.

Explore the Northern Italian fashion powerhouse that is Milan, with its sharp suited locals, excellent restaurants and dynamic outlook. Food here is contemporary yet timeless, and fashionable without being faddy.  

Learn about the seasonal produce in the country, like the humble artichoke, which is one of the country’s most treasured foods with a long history that began in Naples. Discover the excitement of Porcini season in late August when the mushrooms sprout in the wooded hills of Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Veneto.

Read about the late great director Federico Fellini who made the wondrous La Dolce Vita. His films portrayed the country’s wondrous food but in truth he admitted that he left the cooking to his wife, the actress Giuletta Masina. His favourite dish? His grandmother’s zuppa inglese.

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