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Develop an appetite for Canada with Itineraries of Taste

Itineraries of Taste Canada

Next stop on our Itineraries of Taste is Canada, a country as vast as it is diverse; you’ll taste it in the food, feel it in the culture and hear it in the language.

Take a bite from Canada’s multi cultural arts capitalMontreal, where the city’s diversity translates seamlessly into its tasty eateries. Rivalling New York in both volume of restaurants and bagel quality, the riverside city is a serious dining destination in its own right; from Little Italy’s pizzas to the delights of local specialities like hearty “poutine” washed down with a Christmas tree tingling ‘spruce beer’. Take a leap over to the Pacific side city of Vancouver for exciting West Coast–meets–Far East flavours and the freshest of seafood; local favorites include miso–glazed sablefish and sweet, plump Pacific oysters. Join in with the city’s obsession with ramen slurping and you may even develop a taste for blackened charcoal ramen broth or even Chef Hung’s anise flavoured broth.

Bacon lovers shouldn’t pass up a trip to ‘hogtown’ to try the moreish prime, sweet and juicy cuts of Canadian bacon. Originally introduced by British butcher and immigrant William Davies, his legacy lives on in the unmissable eggs benedict. Finish your taste experience on a sweet note with some of Canada’s finest sweet elixirMaple syrup. Tapped fresh from Canadian trees, the country produces up to 70% of the world’s total production. Find out more about the maple syrup heist and see if you can taste the subtle seasonal change in sweetness.

Back in Montreal, settle down for a brew with Canadian legendLeonard Cohen – oranges and tea were never far from the musician’s table when signing ‘Suzanne’ in his hometown. The self-proclaimed ‘professional drinker’ claims to distinguish the ‘high’ of a bottle of Bordeaux, to how the tequila–laced cocktail ‘Red Needle’ fuelled the recording of his album, the Future.

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