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Explore the flavours of China with S.Pellegrino

S.Pellegrino Itineraries of Taste China

This monster of a country with its 1.3 billion strong population arguably has the richest, most diverse set of culinary traditions of any nation in the world. This depth of food cuisine in China presents itself in many different ways. From the spicy, mouth-numbing cuisine of Sichuan to the steamed buns and boiled dumplings of the North East and the citrusy accents of the Southeast Asian influenced Yunnan Province this country has an awful lot to offer.

Discover the seemingly boundless metropolis that is Beijing with its lively hutongs and diverse culinary scene that includes flavours from all over the country. Go on the dumpling trail in the cultural melting pot that is modern day Shanghai.

Learn what Confucius had to say about ginger, one the country’s most distinctive flavours. Discover why the Shanghainese are absolutely obsessed with mitten crabs and pick up some diet tips from the legendary Bruce Lee.

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