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Discover the best of Belgium with Itineraries of Taste

Sanpellegrino Itineraries of Taste - Belgium

Jump aboard the Itineraries of Taste with S.Pellegrino and take a break in beautiful Belgium, a country small in size, but big in style, with a wealth of history, food and art just waiting to be explored.

Experience the vibrant port city of Antwerp, and sample the ‘real Belgium’ via the city’s best bakeries and markets, before heading 40km south to Brussels. Known as the ‘capital of Europe’ this is the contemporary hub where culture, fine shopping, history, exquisite chocolate and fresh seafood deliciously collide.

Hungry for more of this country’s treasured delicacies? Try the Belgium speciality of ‘moules frites’ and find out why there is so much more to mussels: that’s not to mention the side of thinly sliced chips. And, as all trips should finish on a sweet note, take some time out to savour some of the finest chocolate in the world, that Belgium does best. In fact Belgium is one of the largest exporters of quality of chocolate, globally. The local chocolate makers use only 100% cocoa butter, a statement included in the “Belgian Chocolate Code”!

For a taste of culture explore more of influential Belgium artistMagritte. Lovers of pop culture are sure to recognise the symbolic green apple paintings of Belgium’s champion of culture. The green apples and clever puns became synonymous with The Beatles’ iconic label ‘Apple Records’, after Paul McCartney became a fan, and where would Steve Jobs have been without an Apple?

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