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Explore the best of France with S.Pellegrino

Best of France

Known globally as a gourmand’s paradise France is a must visit for anyone who is seriously interested in food. Discover the country’s flavours with S.Pellegrino’s Itineraries of Taste.

Find out where in Paris the world’s first restaurant was opened 250 years ago and explore the current thriving culinary scene that ranges from world leading Michelin starred chefs to cosy bistros a new burgeoning street food culture.

Discover the ‘mères lyonnaises’ (mothers of Lyon) whose restaurants won Michelin stars and helped the city to become the food mecca that it is today.

Discover the country’s legendary oyster growing areas and when in the year they should be eaten. Learn why fleur de sel and its traditional production methods are an essential part of the Breton identity.

Discover how Proust’s description of dipping a Madeleine in his tea has fundamentally influenced the world of psychology and neuroscience.

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