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"The Journey of Water": STEVEN HAULENBEEK

Steven Haulenbeek a Chicago based artist

“S.Pellegrino is a household brand in the United States and I have been buying their products for a long time. I would have never thought that one day I’d be asked to redesign its classic label!”

Steven Haulenbeek is a Chicago based industrial designer and artist. In 2010 he founded his independent design practice with the interest in experimental, material, and process-based objects to be used at home.

Haulenbeek first met Italian designer Giulio Cappellini in 2006 in Chicago, soon after finishing Grad School, but it wouldn’t be for some years until they’d officially work together. Speaking of the moment he was asked by Cappellini to join the S.Pellegrino “The Journey of Water” project, Haulenbeek felt excited, but nervous that he’d be tampering with a timeless design that is the S.Pellegrino bottle.

His creation for S.Pellegrino reflects his own design methods, where he takes inspiration from the environment and natural processes. As sculptor and designer, his work surpasses the typical design-build format and instead seeks to invent a production framework by which objects emerge organically. This is how Hauleenbeek developed the pyramid design, by visualising the idea of the natural filtration system that forms the S.Pellegrino water we know and have come to love.

Haulenbeek is most notably known for his Ice-Cast Bronze collection. This is where he pairs the natural freezing cold climate of the Chicago winter with the lost-wax process to create uniquely textured objects and furniture in cast bronze.

Similarly, his RBS Series (Resin-Bonded Sand) utilises silica sand, a typically disposable industrial byproduct, to create colorful sculptural objects, furniture and lighting.

The resulting objects and details tell a story of each unique creation. Haulenbeek’s practice, Steven Haulenbeek Studio, is represented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, London, New York as well as The Future Perfect in New York and San Francisco.

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