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Playing our part for the planet

Everything that we eat and drink begins with the precious gifts of the Earth. We are actively engaged in safeguarding them by protecting the sources of S.Pellegrino natural mineral water, looking after the terroir and managing the water resources sustainably. Likewise, we intend to ensure a sustainable future for the farms that produce the fruits used in our Italian Sparkling Drinks. We will strive to reduce our environmental impact on the planet and foster a circular economy. This is how we will save the sparkle for future generations.  

Protecting our sources

We are committed to protecting the water sources and fruit farms that supply us, and we plan to protect their surroundings and their longevity for future generations. 


Developing circularity in packaging

We are committed to developing a circular economy by reducing packaging and improving collection and recycling as well as using more recycled content in our bottles in every market where local legislation makes it possible. 


Reducing our environmental impact

We strive to reduce our environmental impact.