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Unlock Germany’s secret flavours with Itineraries of Taste

germany culinary scene

Take a bite of Berlin, the capital of cool, seamlessly fusing design and food in a collective of creative hangouts, as well as offering a smorgasbord of eclectic culinary destinations.

Some 600 Km south you can hang up your lederhosen and chow down on more than meat washed down with beer in Munich these days. The capital of Bavaria has artisan beer lovers, Italophiles and vegetarians close to its cultural heart.

Develop an appetite for cabbage, from fresh to fermented, and count the ways in which the beloved brassica holds a special place in the nation’s hearts. And naturally, no trip to Germany would be complete without a bite of the tasty local weisswurst, boiled, of course.

Make sure you practice your eating or “zuzeln” etiquette so as not to stand out from the locals, but whatever you do, don’t munch on a sausage as the church bells chime noon.

For a bite of culture we introduce the iconic flame red haired German tennis player and three time Wimbledon champion ‘boom boom’ Boris Becker who turned banana eating on centre court into a big deal for tennis stars.

But what powerful symbolism does the tropical fruit hold in German socio-political history?

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