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Wheat and skyscrapers

Out of the blue, a field of wheat amidst skyscrapers. A beautiful and intriguing image that unites two different “worlds” that until now have been opposed to each other: city and country, past and future, nature and technology.
This contrast doesn’t seem to exist anymore; the time has come for a new alliance.

The picture was taken in Milan in June 2015, in the middle of the city and in accordance with the theme of the Universal Exhibition taking place on the outskirts of the city: Feeding the Planet, Energy for life.

This Land Art work has been created by Agnes Denes, and the field has been planted by city residents back in February.
The artist had already presented the project in Manhattan’s Battery Park in 1982.

Just like New Yorkers in the past, the Milanese will have the opportunity to pick up their own wheat in July to celebrate the city’s first harvest.
The space will then be used to create a new urban park called The library of trees.


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