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Let’s take a stroll?

In Italian: “Facciamo due passi?” – which literally means “Let’s take two steps” – is the expression used to invite someone to take a stroll. Two steps is a strange measuring unit: it’s how long it takes to reach your friends, an excuse to leave the house, open up to the world and live each moment as though it were an extraordinary experience. 

In the morning, upon smelling the warm scent of bread straight out of the over, saying hello to the newsvendor before drinking the first morning coffee.
Or around lunch time, looking for a spot in the shade at the park or following the crowds of workers crammed in nearby restaurants. 

At sunset, in a city by the sea, taking a walk by the shore. In Trieste, in Italy, the meeting spot is the Audace quay, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, or at the beach in Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro.

However, no meeting spot is more appropriate to meet new and old friends than piazzas. People meet for cocktails, dinner and after-hour drinks, all you need to do is find a seat to join the crowd. 


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