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Meat Recipes

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italian breaded fried veal sandwich

Veal cutlet

A bread roll filled with a veal cutlet is a timeless Italian classic, which comes into its own as an ideal solution for quick lunches or delicious snacks.
tigella bread rolls with cold cuts

Tigelle with cold cuts

Perfect as an accompaniment to cured sausages and cold cuts of all kinds, this soft, flavorsome bread appears in all sorts of tasty, rustic Italian starters.
Scacciata siciliana recipe

Scacciata siciliana

This traditional dish has never left Sicily; so to taste it, you’ll need to be invited by a genuine Sicilian family. Or you can make it with this recipe!
Pizza with mortadella recipe

Pizza with mortadella

A simple combination, consisting of typically Italian aromas and an unmistakable flavor that is quite tantalizing. Pizza with mortadella is a timeless classic.