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Meat Recipes

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Saltimbocca Recipe

Saltimbocca alla romana

This popular dish follows the authentic saltimbocca recipe from Rome and is super easy to make, so you have no excuse when friends or family pop over for lunch!
Bombetta Pugliese Recipe Post

Bombetta pugliese

With just a few ingredients these delicious "little bombs" are simplicity at its best: meat rolls stuffed with melted cheese and pancetta. Find out how to make them!
Muffuletta Sandwich

Muffuletta Sandwich

Find out how to make both the New Orleans and Sicilian version of the muffuletta sandwich, and discover the fascinating story behind this popular treat!
Cotoletta Milanese

Cotoletta alla Milanese

Discover how to recreate the original veal Milanese (cotoletta) at home with a recipe that is a nod to tradition, while learning its medieval origins.
Veal Cotulet

Veal cutlet

A bread roll filled with a veal cutlet is a timeless Italian classic, which comes into its own as an ideal solution for quick lunches or delicious snacks.
Tigelle On A Plate With Cold Cuts

Tigelle with cold cuts

Perfect as an accompaniment to cured sausages and cold cuts of all kinds, this soft, flavoursome bread appears in all sorts of tasty, rustic Italian starters.
Scacciata Siciliana

Scacciata siciliana

This traditional dish has never left Sicily; so to taste it, you’ll need to be invited by a genuine Sicilian family. Or you can make it with this recipe!
Pizza With Mortadella

Pizza with mortadella

A simple combination, consisting of typically Italian aromas and an unmistakable flavour that is quite tantalizing. Pizza with mortadella is a timeless classic.