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Fried Food

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italian breaded fried veal sandwich

Veal cutlet

A bread roll filled with a veal cutlet is a timeless Italian classic, which comes into its own as an ideal solution for quick lunches or delicious snacks.
Stuffed zucchini flowers recipe

Stuffed zucchini flowers

One of Italy's most graceful and elegant street foods: bite into the deliciously crisp outer surface to enjoy a center of authentic, heavenly flavor!
Stuffed olives recipe

Stuffed olives

These stuffed olives are one of the most famous Italian street foods: discover how to make them for yourself and indulge in the taste of an Italian classic!
Pettole recipe


The arrival of these unassuming yet very moreish little balls of dough at local bakeries often marks the beginning of the festive season in Southern Italy.