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Fish Recipes

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Tuna tartare recipe

Tuna tartare

This citrusy tuna tartare is a very simple recipe, but complete success requires using the freshest Mediterranean tuna and the most fragrant Sicilian citrus.
Meravigliosa di mare recipe

Meravigliosa di mare

Tender muffoletta buns filled with a tartare of prized red shrimp from the Mediterranean sea that blends perfectly with creamy stracciatella cheese. Try the recipe!
Gratin of mussels recipe

Gratin of mussels

A perfect balance between the salty taste of the Mediterranean sea and citrusy hints of lemon, mixing sweetness and acidity, this recipe is Italian food at its finest!
Fried salt cod recipe

Fried salt cod

Bite-sized morsels like golden nuggets, with a soft fleshy center enwrapped in a crisp outer crust: fried salt cod is the undisputed king of Italian street food!