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S.Pellegrino® Young Chef is coming


S.Pellegrino® Young Chef: the new edition is coming soon!

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UPDATE 07/05/2018: Feel the action and the heat of the competition, follow the live streaming of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Grand Finale at the S.Pellegrino site, S.Pellegrino's Facebook and YouTube channels!

UPDATE 12/01/2017: All the S.Pellegrino® Young Chef Local Finals are now concluded and all the 21 finalists have been selected. Find out more about the S.Pellegrino® Young Chef USA finalist!

It’s back! S.Pellegrino® is proud to announce the return of S.Pellegrino® Young Chef, the most exciting global talent search for the best young chef in the world.

Last year’s spectacular second edition saw over 3,000 professional young chefs apply from around the globe, with the USA’s ecstatic Mitch Lienhard taking the coveted title from the inaugural charismatic Young Chef winner, Mark Moriarty.


Some exciting changes

This new edition, which launches today, has some exciting changes. For the first time, the global competition, which is open to all chefssous chefschefs de partie and commis under 30, will allow applications in different languages, including:

English will remain the official language throughout the competition and for the Grand Finale.

A new dedicated region for Central America and the Caribbean 

This edition will also be spaced over 18 months instead of 12. In 2017 the focus will be on regional qualification, with the shortlisted chefs competing at the S.Pellegrino® Young Chef Local Competitions in front of top local chef juries, in different geographical areas around the world. This year, following a high level of local interest, there will be a new dedicated region for Central America and the Caribbean making the total number of regions 21 instead of 20.

In 2018 the 21 regional winners will go on to compete in the Grand Finale in Italy where they will cook for a panel of the world’s best chefs in order to be crowned S.Pellegrino® Young Chef 2018.


Candidates will be divided into 21 geographical regions, depending on the location of their restaurant, and applications will be evaluated by ALMA, Italy's International School of gourmet cooking. Selection for the regional finals will be based on the following five factors: 

  • ingredients
  • skills
  • genius
  • beauty and
  • message

Online applications for this edition open on February 1, 2017. So start perfecting your signature dish now and make sure to check your eligibility and the updated competition rules

In the meantime, we invite you to sit back and get a taste of what’s to come, as we re-live a few of the spectacular moments from last year’s competition.

It’s time to realize your culinary dreams: the next S.Pellegrino® Young Chef is coming. Will it be you?



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