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Explore the S.Pellegrino Taste Guide

S.Pellegrino Taste Guide

Do you want to explore new cities and their flavors? If so, get ready for a new exciting experience: S.Pellegrino brings you the inspirational Taste Guide. A guide where you can learn about new cities through flavors and tastes, discovering new recipes and curiosities one bite at time.

Where to go

Immerse yourself in the heart of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago and many more…

In each city guide you’ll discover lesser known places and delicacies, as well as cultural and art tips that will inspire you to travel with a fresh perspective.

What to do there

Explore the S.Pellegrino Taste Guide, a journey through local flavors, to discover true delights for the eyes and mind. Discover little-known facts, learn about unusual recipes and ingredients along with the more traditional ones. Be inspired by the experiences of renowned local chefs.

Explore the origins of the speakeasy and Prohibition in Chicago at the Mystery Diner. Visit San Francisco and its dumpling trail. Taste the sweet life and sample the Mexican street food trends in Los Angeles, or Cuban flavors in Miami.

Local chef insights

Last but not least, if you want to really understand the spirit of a city, you need a chef’s opinion: find them all in our Chef Taste GuidePacked full of local expert tips for must-hit restaurants, secret food trucks or the best markets, our Chef Taste Guides really bring to life the city’s flavors and culture.

We asked the best chefs in five of our favorite American cities to show us the places, people, flavors and ideas that influence their work, from the Latin vitality and architectural splendor of Michelle Bernstein’s southern Florida, to the graffiti-splashed grit of Alex Stupak’s Manhattan. Discover with us the tales of New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco as told through the minds and bellies of its favorite cooks.

Want to be part of our journey? Join the club and submit a secret. Every taste lover has a secret. A special place he likes to keeps to himself, a recipe he only shares with few selected friends. Tell us and you will get one in return.

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