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S.Pellegrino® Young Chef Academy

An online educational platform created by S.Pellegrino to attract, connect and nurture diverse talent in the world of gastronomy.

Gastronomy has the potential to transform society, shaping a more inclusive, more sustainable future. But to do so takes talent. 

That's why S.Pellegrino has created a platform to attract, connect and nurture the next generation of culinary talents. An environment that will empower them through education, mentoring and experience opportunities - as well as through the renowned global competition.

Where talent knows no boundaries

Welcoming all past, present and future participants, mentors and jurors in the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition, the Academy opens its doors to members from over 70 different countries, ensuring that talent is not constrained by geography, ethnicity or gender. 

It's a place where passionate young chefs interact with the most influential players in global gastronomy, and where together they cultivate an inspiring culinary community. 

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A global contest to celebrate the next generation 

In 2015, S.Pellegrino launched the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition to support new talent in the world of gastronomy. The first four editions of this ambitious competition have attracted 10,000 young chefs from around the world, and involved hundreds of renowned senior chefs as jurors and mentors. 

The most recent overall winner was chef Jerome Ianmark Calayag (UK and Northern Europe), who beat 11 other finalists to take the title in 2021. The young talents who claimed the prestigious prize before him were Yasuhiro Fujio (Japan) in 2018, Mitch Lienhard (USA) in 2016 and Mark Moriarty (UK & Ireland region) in 2015.

A community where youth meets experience

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy ensures that, once the competition is over, the young chefs who participate can continue to be mentored by the best in the industry. 

Because success in the restaurant business requires a broad set of skills, the Academy provides online seminars, videos, podcasts and more covering everything from management and marketing to technology and innovation.


Connections that lead to opportunities

The Academy makes it easy for young chefs to network with colleagues and industry figures around the world. What's more, senior chefs and partners have access to profiles of all the S.Pellegrino young chefs, so they can find the best talent for events and job opportunities. 

Connections that lead to opportunities
Connections that lead to opportunities

A watchful eye on Young Chefs around the world

Among its other services, the Academy also runs a periodic survey exploring the working conditions of young chefs, as well as their ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. 

eye on Young Chefs
eye on Young Chefs

Inspiring the next generation of culinary game-changers

The goal of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy is simple: to nurture the next generation of diverse talents who will drive responsibility at tables around the world.
To find out more, visit the website, Facebook and Instagram social media channels.

Inspiring the next generation
Inspiring the next generation