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Dual Immersive Collection

Elegance and good taste to enrich your moments at the table

S.Pellegrino has always been found in the best restaurants, enhancing your fine dining experiences with its unique sparkle. And now we are proud to introduce an exciting new way to celebrate the table and the unforgettable moments shared around it: the Immersive Collection. At the centre of this innovation is the special S.Pellegrino luxury bottle in elegantly designed glass, ready to enrich any table.


Together for the first time: S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna

In the Immersive Collection, S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna are side by side for the first time, enhancing your fine dining moments together. An equally elegant Acqua Panna limited edition glass bottle, specially sculpted to reflect its velvety taste, is the ideal partner to the S.Pellegrino bottle. What's more, each one opens the door to its own immersive world, to make your dining experience even more unique.


Immerse yourself in a dining experience that's unforgettable

The elegant design of the two Immersive Collection bottles is sure to whet your appetite, but that's only the start. Each bottle holds the key to an experience that will bring water to life like never before, through the magic of augmented reality. Watch S.Pellegrino's sparkle break free to float in the air, and immerse yourself in the discovery of Acqua Panna's unmistakable taste. Then capture your best moments at the table and share them, tagging your favourite restaurant to show your support.


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