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S.Pellegrino special and limited edition bottles

A sparkling performer

Over the years, S.Pellegrino has surprised and delighted lovers of fine dining with unique new formats and limited editions dedicated to worlds with which the brand has a close affinity. 
One such world is cinema, as the authentic Italian verve of S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water makes it a favourite of movie stars and directors around the world.
Another is Italian talent. Indeed, the values of style, elegance and tradition so cherished by S.Pellegrino make it a true ambassador of Italian brilliance.
Finally, a world that has always been inextricably linked with S.Pellegrino is, of course, fine dining. The brand's closeness to the world's best restaurants is perfectly expressed in the special edition Magnum bottle created in 2014 to complement the most refined dining experiences.

Festival de Cannes Limited Editions

S.Pellegrino's successful connection with the visual arts dates back to 1960, with the S.Pellegrino Red Star shining behind the Trevi Fountain in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. The same Red Star still shines tin successful TV series from Sex and the City to Doctor House, confirming S.Pellegrino’s prestige as a status symbol around the world.

The brand became an Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival in 2009, and began producing limited edition bottles for the festival two years later. The first of these paid homage to the '60s, the golden age of Italian fine living, when "la dolce vita" was in full swing. The 2013 label then depicted the iconic S.Pellegrino Red Star being captured by the world's photographers. In 2014, a new limited edition highlighted the close ties between S.Pellegrino and the world of fine dining, while the 2015 label drew a parallel between the stars of cinema and the brand's own Red Star.

S.Pellegrino meets Italian Talents

Running from 2010 to 2014, "S.Pellegrino meets Italian Talents" was an annual celebration that recognised outstanding flair and genius in contemporary world choice. In each of these limited edition labels, Italian style and brand heritage blended seamlessly with colourful elegance and precious details.

Vogue - Italian Talents 2014

This limited edition bottle was created to celebrate the global partnership of two proud ambassadors of the art of fine living: S.Pellegrino and Vogue Italia. The union resulted in a unique project combining food and style, two of Italy's undisputed strengths, supporting the most talented young chefs and designers from around the world at the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 Grand Final event in Milan.


Pavarotti – Italian Talents 2013

With this limited edition, S.Pellegrino paid tribute to the unforgettable Maestro Luciano Pavarotti, one of the greatest tenors of all times. A talent of international acclaim, Pavarotti’s amazing voice represented the same Italian culture, passion and joy that S.Pellegrino shares with the world.

Bulgari – Italian Talents 2011

In a tribute to Italian splendour, this dazzling addition to the “S.Pellegrino Meets Italian Talents” series featured a beautiful Bulgari label. The famous Italian jeweller adorned the bottle of this precious limited edition with a 1965 yellow gold necklace design, featuring sparkling cut diamonds, cabochon emeralds, amethysts and turquoises.


Missoni – Italian Talents 2010

With talents sharing the same vocation for high quality, Missoni was chosen as a partner for this "S.Pellegrino Meets Italian Talents" Special Edition bottle, wrapped in the celebrated fashion house's distinctive zigzag motif and rendered in cool, refreshing water colours inspired by S.Pellegrino.

The Special Edition Magnum Bottle

In 2014, S.Pellegrino delighted fine food lovers with the launch of a world first for any mineral water: a special edition Magnum bottle. Available only in the best hotels and restaurants, the exclusive 1.5 litre format was designed for those who seek and appreciate the most refined dining experiences.

Exclusivity in an iconic format

The shape, size and stopper of the prestigious Magnum bottle all recall Champagne bottles, as befits a mineral water with the distinctive ability to complement the finest food and the greatest wines.
After its debut at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014 awards ceremony, the Magnum bottle has been distributed in different countries in all five continents.

Other inspired initiatives