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For the last 120 years, S.Pellegrino has been inspiring people to savour life and tasteful moments around the table, promoting fine dining culture all over the world. This global success story could not have been achieved without the crucial contribution of the culinary community.

During these challenging times, when the restaurant industry is having to adapt to survive, S.Pellegrino is ready to support talented chefs and restaurateurs by launching the #SupportRestaurants movement, a tangible recovery plan to provide financial relief while working together to help shape the future of the sector.

We encourage everyone to join in to help restaurants get through the current crisis and rebuild their industry.

From donations, purchasing gift vouchers for future use and ordering takeout from your local restaurant – there are plenty of ways to support restaurants and the chef community during these difficult times. And most importantly, once the dust settles and it’s safe to do so, you’ll be able to return to your favourite dining spots. Whether for celebrations or simply to enjoy a great meal together again, remember to savour life, enjoy a fine dining experience and make those long-lasting memories. It’s something wonderful to look forward to and a great reason to help #SupportRestaurants accomplish its goal.

Together, we'll make sense of the "new normal", finding new ways to enhance your tasteful moments.

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