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S.Pellegrino portrait of an icon


S.Pellegrino: portrait of an icon

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An icon of good taste and Italian lifestyle, with its shape and label, the S.Pellegrino Mineral Water bottle has remained true to itself for over a century and tells the story of an excellent Italian product and its land of origin. Let’s find out more. 

1. The bottle
The green glass bottle was designed in 1899 and was called Vichy, to honour the Italian village of San Pellegrino Terme, which was known at the time as the “Italian Vichy” because of its high-quality thermal spring water.

2. The cap
A cap ensures perfect water tightness and makes the bottle easy to open. The top is decorated with the red star, which in the early 1900s used to award export products of particular excellence and quality.

3. The neck label
Printed in light blue filigree with a dark blue logo on a white background, it used to protect the wire cage fitted over the cork, similar to those on champagne bottles.

4. The shoulder label
The centre of the label features the beautiful Art Nouveau building of San Pellegrino Terme (where the springs are located) against a background showing the Alps skyline (Europe’s highest mountain chain). The foundation date of the company and the brand, 1899, is indicated at the foot of the illustration.

5. The main label
A white label with light blue filigree, decorated with Art Nouveau motifs. The red star and the brand name of S.Pellegrino are positioned at the centre of the label. “Acqua Minerale Naturale” is written on the upper part of the label, with the name of the bottling plant location: San Pellegrino Terme.