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Elevating fine dining to incredible new heights


Elevating fine dining to incredible new heights

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Enjoy a soaring taste sensation with Dinner in the Sky this summer

For many, a delicious meal tastes even better with an equally wonderful view to savour. Imagine then, what an amazing culinary experience it would be to enjoy the ultimate in haute cuisine, suspended in mid-air, 100 feet above the ground. Well, Dinner in the Sky, does just that, at awe-inspiring destinations around the world hosted by gastronomic legends, from Heston Blumenthal to Anton Mosimann.

Elevating fine dining to incredible new heights

A most uplifting experience

It may sound impossible (or even a bit crazy), but Dinner in the Sky very much lives up to its name. Creating unique events where 22 people, a head chef, a sommelier, waiting staff and dining table are lifted up into the air, guests are presented with a once in a lifetime meal and a breath-taking view to match – enhanced even further with a refreshing glass of S.Pellegrino to enjoy.

It’s a bold and challenging concept that speaks to those who are driven by the desire to push great taste to its very limits, and beyond. Of course, every possible precaution is taken to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely, from the moment the sky table lifts off, to the moment it returns to the ground. All of which adds up to the perfect mix of drama, excitement, entertainment and taste, for an evening to cherish. 

Elevating fine dining to incredible new heights

Join the 100 feet high club

At S.Pellegrino, we’re dedicated to delivering sparkling, refreshing taste experiences that go far beyond the everyday. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to sponsor Dinner in the Sky, providing bottles of sparkling goodness to those dining aloft, throughout the summer at stunning locations around the UK.

And this year, the Dinner in the Sky experience is coming to a town near you as it tours the UK, stopping at Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle, Southampton and London from June through to September. So don’t miss out your opportunity enjoy each city’s best restaurants, as they transfer their menus and dining experiences to this magical table in the sky – for a truly extraordinary feast for all of your senses.

For more information and the chance to book, visit Dinner in The Sky official site.